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VSAT Internet At Sea
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Choosing the correct Antenna for your size of vessel and anticipated cruising destinations is no easy matter. We supply all major marine Antenna that are compatible with our Airtime services.
> Low contention ratio of only 4:1> Scaleable bandwidth without penalties for when you need more….or less > Highly trained support team available 24/7 > Free Modem with annual contracts > Global footprints > International network of resellers and engineers > Turnkey Managed Bandwidth & Network Services
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Our story begins when the owner of a 65m yacht needing Internet Access for business & personal communication looked to see what was available in the market.  At the time (2003) marine VSAT was in its infancy and in common with many forward thinking owners he installed two “empty domes” and began Sea Trials using a combination of GPRS and Fleet 77.  A few weeks later, the bills came in and he was less than happy because; to paraphrase “why do I have a $20,000 solution… I don’t have a $20,000 problem?”.  Taking advice, he turned to the largest and longest standing VSAT Supplier in the world, Hughes Network Systems and together with a team of industry experts (including a co-founder of GMC who was a part of the team that originally developed VSAT at Bell Labs) he established Global Marine Communications (GMC) and asked them to develop a “marine VSAT offering” that would leverage the considerable bandwidth & industry experience Hughes had at its disposal.
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For as little as €800 per month you can have broadband Internet on your Yacht! We havenpricing plans to suite every budget and Broadband Data Rates which can cater to the most demanding of requirements. Whether it is a contended service with guaranteed minimum data rates or a dedicated service with no contention we can tailor a service to you specific needs. For The main benefits of our VSAT Service includes;
As the ETO on board a vessel or a project manager at the build stage, you have designed & implemented a robust network infrastructure, an early warning system of potential failures is going to become increasingly important. Your current communications integrator should be able to provide you with monitoring systems to ensure a timely "head's up" allowing you time to implement a work around before a vital service is lost. This system should extend to resource monitoring because it's all well and good knowing your car is working 100% but it will do you little good if you have run out of fuel! Substantial investments have been made to address the growing demand for Internet delivered content & services but despite a substantial capacity increase in recent years, broadband remains a finite & relatively costly resource when provided at sea. At Global Marine Communications we believe this resource needs to be managed like any other finite resource and so have developed a Broadband Optimisation & Service Selector (BOSS) Solution.
> Multi-Level Bandwidth Prioritisation> Gateway Switch  > Load Balance accross Multiple Gateways > Manage Network Security > Ability to Control Users Bandwidth based on Consumption > Ability to Limit Users Access based on Time Slots > Easy Management ( Designed for iPad) > Easy to Understand Dashboard Showing Bandwidth Usage
The BOSS is a simple user interface through which the Captain can ensure best use of available bandwidth for ships business whilst still allowing crew access within given budget allowances or time windows. A budget can be set which limits the data amount or Internet speed of individuals, groups or even an entire vessel. The BOSS guarantees high priority users internet access capacity protecting them from "greedy" crew members downloading the latest film. The BOSS does this "gently" and without employing the current, rather crude, approach of disconnecting all crew from the network when the owner is on board. The BOSS can even ensure primary users (Owner/Officers) always have priority access for their traffic giving them 100% of the availability if required with no additional management overhead on the ship's master or system administrator. In addition our Security Server ensures only authorised users have access to the ship's network and bandwidth. This is achieved through a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes management of changes in guests, and crew easy, automatically disconnects abusers and allows administrators to monitor usage. We believe it is essential our industry recognises the changes that are coming in terms of how people will enjoy their leisure time in the near future and moves towards addressing these changing needs. In the mean time we urge you to put in place systems that are fit for purpose and expandable as demands continue to grow because if you don't do it now...whoever replaces you will.
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Key Benefits
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You can increase the number of weeks you spend on your vessel by working smarter not harder. Because you are permanently connected to your people, you get to choose when to work and when to make time for your friends & family. Take advantage of the times in which you live. Never before has it been possible to be "in two places at once" but with always on Internet delivering true Broadband speeds right into your vessel, you are able to use this technology to take control of your leisure time....
Technical Partners
We know how important your customers are to you and that's why we created the GMC Technical Partner Programme to ensure we give you the best possible support & technical sales assistance so that you can better serve your existing and new clients. Through our fully equipped antenna installation training facility, we will ensure that your engineers are trained to the very highest standards and are certified and competent to carry out installations on a range of antennas. 
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What We Do….And For Whom
When it comes to broadband provision, we provide you with the means to say "the answer's what's the question" to your guests & crew. The GMC solution provides you with all of the following:- ✓ Change grades of service up & down during the contract ✓ Mediterranean & Caribbean footprints ✓ 4:1 contention ratio ✓ Guaranteed minimum speeds ✓ Review in real time what service level is being received ✓ Easy switch from existing providers if you have a non propriatry Antennae ✓ Suspend your service for upto to three months at a time ✓ With BOSS you can prioritise internet traffic &  load balance accross multiple Gateways ✓ Provide guests & crew with technical support to their computers and mobile devices
At GMC we focus on listening to a client's needs, only once we are sure we fully understand the requirements do we propose a solution.
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